HWT Service


In response to the constantly changing business requirements of the 21st century, HWT has developed a full suite of consultancy services. From developing a solid business case that justifies your network investments to advising on a security policy that’s right for your business, HWT’ experts can help organisations become more competitive, dynamic and cost-effective. We provide the right mix of strategic advice and technical know-how to ensure that our client’s business objectives are always the main priority.


Organisations rely on network-enabled solutions to meet their business goals. That means the successful implementation and integration of multiple manufacturers’ equipment, effective project management and change management, and software development skills to “glue” the pieces together. HWT’ integration services are vital to the successful implementation and integration of any network and security infrastructure. Telindus understands that a successful project implementation depends on the existence of a solid project methodology


Organizations depend on network and security infrastructures. The cost of ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of business data is significant and the costs of network downtime can be critical. As technologies are ever-changing and organizations have implemented complex multi-vendor solutions, traditional maintenance and support is no longer enough